Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tree Removal Service

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tree Removal Service

When it comes to tree removal, even avid DIY homeowners may defer the job to the professionals. The question is, how can a reputable and trustworthy service be found? After all, this is a big and potentially dangerous job, so it is imperative to get a company that knows what they are doing and how to handle the job safely.


If a homeowner is ready to hire a Tree Service for removing a dead, dying or dangerous tree in their yard, they should make sure to ask the following questions first.


Can the company provide a copy of their license and insurance coverage?


There are a number of tree removal companies that will claim to have insurance coverage when they actually don’t. It is absolutely essential for these companies to have both workers compensation coverage and liability insurance. This type of coverage will provide protection for the homeowner and ensure they don’t have to cover any injuries or damages that occur.


Additionally, it is important to find a company that is both licensed and certified to provide these services. This ensures they know what they are doing and that they have undergone the testing process to receive the certification that shows they are knowledgeable professionals.


How long is the tree removal process going to take?


The answer should depend on the job’s complexity. A company that promises to provide a fast removal without ever seeing the work that needs to be done should be a red flag. Finding a company that offers a free estimate is a good sign, as well.


What is included in the fee that the tree removal company charges?


Make sure to find out what is included in the removal or cutting service fee charged by the company. Also, make sure to get this information in writing before moving forward. There are some companies that will cut the tree down, chop the trunk up and then haul away the lumber. Others will leave the trunk in place and expect the homeowner to handle it. Find out exactly what is included in the fee prior to hiring or signing a contract for service.


Taking the time to ask the questions highlighted here is the best way to ensure that the tree removal process will be handled properly and professionally. Don’t enter into an agreement without fully knowing if the service is trustworthy and capable of handling the job. Being informed is tree stump removal to handle any tree removal job.

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